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Pre-Filled Flush Syringe

  • Pre-filled flush syringe is a high-end sterile flusher for clinical flushing and sealing of tubes, which can achieve the effect of real safe treatment and simple operation.

    1. Built-in sterile flushing solution (0.9% normal saline)
    2. Sterile locking ring design (to ensure that the liquid is not polluted during transportation and storage)
    3. Screw design (needle-free connection to avoid needlestick injury)
    4. Ergonomic barrel edge design (convenient for clinical operation)




    3ml/ 5ml/ 10ml


    Sterilization Method:

    High temperature moist heat sterilization


    Features (six “0” locked):

    • 0 pollution

    SAL 10-6 terminal sterilization, sterilization level is 1000 times higher than manual configuration.

    • 0 particle

    Avoid particles and debris of glass bottles from entering the human body during configuration.

    • 0 stab wound

    Needle-free connection can eectively avoid needlestickinjury.

    • 0 waste

    Reduce the waste of 0.9% Nacl injection and ampoules.

    • 0 configuration

    16 steps VS 6 steps can eectively reduce nursing time.

    • 0 infection

    Avoid catheter-related infection caused by manual configuration.

Pre-filled flush syringe is a high-end sterile flusher for clinical flushing and sealing of tubes, which can achieve the effect of real safe treatment and simple operation.